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After Animal, Vegetable, Miracle was published, Steven applied the book’s ideas to our small town in Virginia, creating The Meadowview Farmers’ Guild to build the local economy. The Guild consists of a general store, selling locally produced goods, and the farm-to-table Harvest Table Restaurant. Our commitment to eating locally, sustainability and in season is a vision we now share with our whole community.
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Harvest Table Restaurant

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The Harvest Table sources from over 200 farmers in our region. We favor small, diverse farms that respect their animals and environment; all meats are pasture-based. The daily-changing menu shows off the best of our region’s products and food traditions.
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Harvest Table Farm

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The restaurant opened its own farm to expand the products available for the restaurant, and to serve as a learning center. The farm hosts interns and visitors including restaurant customers, school groups, and anyone interested in sustainable agriculture. 
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